Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sept. 8, Thursday-lunch at Les Ministeres and the Carnavalet Museum of the City of Paris

The best thing we learned while finding our way to Robouchon's yesterday was a sandwich board sign across the street at Les Ministeres listing 19 oysters for 20 Euros. Wellll, we had to come back for lunch. It is a quintessential Paris restaurant for people of normal means - food is very good, service professional & friendly, menu traditional, but interesting. It's what we long for most when we're away from this city.

After lunch we took the Metro over to the 3rd near the Place des Vosges to the Carnavalet museum of the city of Paris. Surprising that we've never visited it before. It's a real treat, housed in two 16th c. townhouse mansions with rooms brought from other mansions that have been destroyed, plus room after room of interesting collections. For more info. see:

Les Ministeres

Louie with Proust's room! Think Madeleines.

Carnevalet gardens

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